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CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike Review

I drove and walked past the new CYCLEBAR on Columbia Pike a dozen times. It’s so nice, I was intimated.

I needn’t have been. The classes are affordable while still offering top drawer amenities.

The instructors are all passionate and friendly and the music is good. Even though the rides can be tough and challenging and competitive, that’s really to keep the top end rockstar riders challenged and engaged.

The motto here is ride your own ride to have fun. If you’re sucking wind and not enjoying the music and the ride, you’re doing something wrong.

Heck, I am still just doing my best. And I’m getting better and stronger and more confident every ride. No plateau in sight. They provide shoes and a water bottle and a towel and cold filtered water.

There are always mints and bananas and earplugs (use the plugs!) on the house; and, on some days, there’s wine. And there’s always coffee in the morning.

Finally, always try to get there a full 15-minutes before class, especially if you’re new to spin or CYCLEBAR. Have fun!

CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike Review
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CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike Review Summary

This CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike studio looks all slick but also has a lot of heart. A lot of kindness. So much generosity. And great instructors and classes. I launched and grew a new online publication while trying to kill a cold that I couldn’t shake and gained 50 pounds from it. Even though I bought an unlimited package before all of this illness and business started, the owner Marina worked with me to allow me to move my package to when I could use it with good intent. Ever since I’ve been attending, even though I am weaker and less fit and much bigger than I’ve ever been, everyone at the studio has been actually loving and supportive. There’s also a lot of guys there working out so it’s not all women. And all shapes and sizes. It’s a very supportive environment. I love it there.

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