Trying Riding Everyday at CYCLEBAR

After an awesome ride at CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike over the weekend, the co-owner, John Ryan, mentioned that some riders at the studio ride three sequential rides—three rides in a row—and I thought, “maybe I can ride every day.”    

So, I did an amazing, blazing, burn-bright, ride with Natalie at 7:30 pm last night and then rode with Chris Rothrock tonight. He’s a very talented, charming, friendly Instructor. The class tried hard to fail on him with lots of technical difficulties and it all turned out super-well. He handled it with aplomb. I totally understand why he’s such a popular young trainer.

Anyway, the good news and the bad news about riding every day at CYCLEBAR?

Bad news: bonked on the 45 second and 60-second sprints.

Good news: rocked everything else! Huzzah!

Oh, and Damion recognized me when he was coming in to instruct the next class and he thanked me for the following endorsement. What a lovely man and a brilliant instructor. What a nice man.

So, I’m going to attend Emily B’s class tomorrow at 6:15 pm. See what three days in a row is like. Take my chances, right?


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