Almost a Week of Riding Every Day

Well, I have had so much fun going to indoor cycling class every day since Monday—even in all of this freezing Polar Vortex weather. I have taken a variety of classes, I have made friends, I have hopefully gotten stronger, but I can also feel a certain level of diminishing return from riding every day. I think I shared this before but I was talking to the co-owner of CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike and he told me about some members who ride back-to-back classes. I said no way, but it did occur to me that maybe I could ride every day, especially since I am so sedentary on the days I don’t walk to and from class that all my health-tracking devices yell at me: no heart health points for you! So, I am going for it.


My 5 most recent rides at Cyclebar Columbia Pike

So, Sam’s got amazing cheekbones and so much energy and strength. Emily Barone reminds me of my coxswain from the crew team, both in her tiny petite stature to her big voice and ability to get a big boat of riders to go go go!

Chris Rothrock is new and I am sure is extremely popular with all of the ladies and some of the men. I call Natalie Pony Girl because she’s got this amazing mane of hair swept up in a big bouncy ponytail.

And Monica Gonzalez? I described her to someone as the best wedding guest ever! She is the type of person who could get the most introverted and self-conscious wedding party onto the dance floor!

There are so many other great ones too, like Slavic goddess Sylva, Danny, Damion, and Shane — all awesome!

It’s been an exciting, challenging, and exhausting week.

My last class of this week before I have a day of rest is this afternoon at 5:15 PM at CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike in a class called Classic. I got my trusty bike number 40.

I haven’t had Dwayne Harney as an instructor yet so that’s fun.

Dwayne Harney

So how did I do? Here’s last night’s ride:

And the night before that…

I am trying to get motivated for tonight. The ride’s pretty early and it’s snowing and cold and crazy out there (but warmer than yesterday)

So, wish me luck!


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