Recovery from intense physical activity is a real thing

Emily Barone

Staff Sargeant Emily Barone

While I do concede that recovery days do rob me of valuable caloric expenditure, fitness is a series of ascending plateaus. When I attend two or three weeks of 45-minute to 60-minute classes in a row, I always start seeing diminishing returns on my work. I haven’t been to a spin class in a full week now and when I attended my 1:30pm class at CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike today, I felt like I really leveled-up. Thank you to the lovely and inspirational indoor cycling instructor and fife player, Staff Sargeant Emily Barone, for inspiring to ride more quickly–in terms of RPMs–than I ever have. I mean, I am still in the 50th percentile, but practice makes perfect. And I’m not extremely competitive. I ride my own riders, race my own races. 


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