First of many long walks before bed

The best advice I never took—I only started last night—was given by my friend Sergey Krayev:

Accidentally made a bus driver stop for me. Whoops. Just taking a selfie!

“I lost so much weight, Chris, and all I did was walk around the neighborhood before bed. The weight just fell off and the walk in the night air scrubbed the day away and made me ready for sleep. Do it, you’ll never regret it. Do it in addition to the spinning and running and rowing. Just walk every night for as long as you can make time for right before bedtime.”

Sergey Krayev
Rocking my Original Pattern Snubby Kit Bag and Thelonious Monk T

So, I strapped on my prized Original Pattern Snubby Kit Bag in ranger green from Hill People Gear and did a couple of hours of loafing around outside for a couple of hours tonight. I was asleep by 8 minutes after midnight. I walked around the neighborhood while listening to Willam Gibson’s The Peripheral on Audibleso good! Still, be walking.

Keeping it going. Will bring a light and a reflective vest tonight for safety

I really love my New Balance Beacon Fresh Foam running shoes. I know I talk about my Hokas and my Mizunos and my Adidas and my Nike Pegs, but my very first experience with NB was amazing. Mine are version 1 and I hope they don’t mess everything up with version 2. They’re so light. Impossibly light, with so much cushion. One usually never gets both.

New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon

Activity: Running
Distance: 4.62 mi
Duration: 02:23:17
Average Speed: 1.93 mph
Average Pace: 31:00 min/mi
Calories Burned: 1014
Heart Rate: 108
Start Time: Mon, 6 May 2019 21:03:22


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