How Running Can Aid in Overcoming a Sedentary Lifestyle

As day to day life continues to get more convenient for us all, we are all steadily moving less and starting to live a very sedentary life. In America specifically, most people spend 70% of the day sitting, and don’t incorporate any exercise into their day. Movements are usually confined to walking to a car, to a desk, and then to a couch, and spending time in between firmly sat down. But luckily, this can easily be addressed and small changes to your lifestyle will quickly get you moving. Overcoming a sedentary life is certainly attainable, and even if you are currently panting as you walk up a flight of stairs, or can barely run a mile under 20 minutes, your state of health is too important to neglect, and too easy to make positive changes to. 

Learn to Run

Perhaps the most obvious, but the best way to get moving is to start running. You can run anywhere, as all you need is a pair of running shoes and some motivation. There are plenty of apps available to get you going, such as Strava, Map My Run, and Nike Running that can help you get going and track your progress. And you don’t even need to run for very long; as little as 5-10 minutes a day has been found to drastically cut down on deaths and risks associated with cardiovascular disease.

Monitor Your Health More Closely

Overcoming a sedentary lifestyle ultimately means your health will improve, and there are many available tools to help monitor the progress. Fitness trackers are a brilliant way to track your steps and movement throughout the day, and know when you need to fit more activity into your day. There are many options available on the market, but the most popular are the Fitbit and Apple Watch, with their many different functions and ease of trackability. In addition to exercise and movement, it’s also important to monitor what is going into your body and fueling your day today. Nutrition plays an important role, and making sure your body’s level of sugars and self-regulating nutrients are working effectively is imperative to sustaining a more active lifestyle. A well functioning body will be able to work better when incorporating more movement into your lifestyle. 

Get Playful

Ditching the couch potato lifestyle doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy; there are many ways to incorporate fun activities into exercise and find something that is enjoyable to you. It’s a great opportunity to get back to playing a sport you may have played when you were younger. Check to see if your office has any recreational teams you could join, as many have corporate baseball, basketball, or soccer teams. Start taking your dog out for lengthy walks, or play fetch with them in the backyard as often as possible; owning a pet has long been associated with overall better health, and this is certainly true when aiming to incorporate more activity into your daily life.

Leading a more active life may take a bit of effort at first, but it will soon become second nature. Overcoming a sedentary lifestyle is easy to manage with a few small tweaks, and a good pair of running shoes.


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