My first official road ride of the year and it was glorious

Why did I stop riding every day to go everywhere? Probably because I wanted to get steps in or because I was riding at awesome CYCLEBAR Columbia Pike every day, or because it was too cold, too far, I was running too late, or because of the weather, because of impending storms, or because of laziness. Because of laziness. Because of Uber.

Biked to meet my buddy Bob and if I were 5 minutes quicker, I wouldn’t have been dumped on by all the rain. But there were two detours from construction on Memorial Bridge and also either construction of general security-based blockage from getting onto 110 and then along the bike/running paths to get to Memorial Bridge. I was only 5 minutes away from where Bob works when all the rain in all the dark grey clouds I had been playing chicken with poured on my head. PRO HINT: I carried two dry black t-shirts with me in my saddle bag.

I left drinks with Bob at a quarter after 5 PM in order to meet Andrew at Courthouse Cinema. En route, I decided I really didn’t want to grind up Wilson Boulevard right before the movie, swamping out my second t-shirt; so, I cheated and jumped the Metro from Rosslyn to Courthouse. Wasn’t in the mood to grind the hill today. Only got 3 speeds! Locked up my Surly Steamroller and sat down for 30 seconds before Andrew arrived on his bike.

Caught Avengers with my buddy Andrew and rode home. Didn’t get hit with any rain on either of the second two rides today! And got to try out my Te-Rich 1200 Lumens Bicycle Headlight for the first time and I was very happy with it, though I think it and my GPS watch holders both need shims because they don’t stay put.


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