The best thing about an active lifestyle is adequate hydration

Working out has a very important side effect: craving water. Even on a commuter bike, there’s space for a bottle. And nobody jogs, runs, rides, or spins without a bottle or a Camelbak. Staying hydrated is one of the second most important parts of working out. First? Good breathing, good breath. Strength and fitness are all well and good, but keeping well-watered can keep you healthy and help prevent sickness and other chronic and situational weaknesses. 

I have been sedentary over the last couple days and I have also stopped drinking water. Stopped drinking nearly enough water. Only black coffee and red wine. It’s surely not enough to keep an adult man of over six-feet suitably hydrated. So, no matter how valuable running and spinning and jogging and kettlebell swinging and weightlifting is to the physique and to the spirit, the fact that one is inexorably drawn to downing bottles of water when working out–even when doing casual, low-intensity, heavy-weight, weightlifting. Because that’s what you do when you’re working out. You take breathers and you drink water. Even when just doing 5×5 Stronglifts, what do you do during rest? You walk over to the water fountain or you take a sip from your bottle.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay


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