CFF Fitness 12kg Kettlebell

And the swinging is easy . . . until the last set

I’ve really enjoyed working up to doing 90-seconds of light kettlebell swings every 30- to 60-minutes—between 50-60 swings-per-set. 

Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings: Just 12 Minutes a Day to Lose Weight, Prevent Sitting Disease, Hone Your Body and Tone Your Booty!
Get Fit, Get Fierce with Kettlebell Swings by Don Fitch

Each and every one was really nice. I could feel my heart ramping up, I could feel my body tensing more and more each set, and I would sit back down to sync my Atlas Wristband2 out of breath; however, I didn’t sweat during any of them. Perfect.

Blue 12kg competition kettlebell by CFF FIT
12kg CFF Fit Competition Kettlebell

During and after what turned out to be the last set, at around 7:30PM, I knew I was done. Could I have pushed through and kept on going through to bedtime, every 30-60 minutes? Probably.

atlas wearables atlas wristband2
Atlas Wristband2 Heart Tracking Sensors

I didn’t because I’m still stress-testing myself to make sure I’m not all bonked the next day. Or not recovered. Or overworked.

Pavel Tsatsouline Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing

Pavel always reminds us to leave gas in the tank, to make sure you come right up to “I’m so done” and not that much further—at least not during the everyday. Yes, in competitions and in strength testing, but not in daily training.


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