Important Factors To Consider When Selecting Running Shoes

“While running does not require lots of money, you should not try to save when buying a good pair of shoes,” running expert Sascha Wingenfeld told Runtastic as she stressed the importance of excellent running shoes. She insisted that shoes often make the difference between enjoying and hating running. There is a wide variety of models with different cushioning designs and stability features, and finding the right one is not always easy. Here are key factors to consider when buying a pair that best works for you.

Your type of foot

When buying clothes, you always take your time to select fashionable outfits that bring out your best, depending on your body. Similarly, you need to know your foot well to be able to select the right shoes. In this regard, you should know the correct size and type of arch. Reliable sports stores often have special tools that will capture the exact measurements. When shopping, it is advisable to choose different brands that are reputable and try them to see which one fits better in terms of size and comfort. The arch is well determined by conducting a wet test, which involves wetting your feet and observing the footprints that you leave. You can have either have a high, average or low arch, according to Runtastic. Look for the shoe design that is specially made for your type of arch for stability and balance when running.

Your weight and running technique

Your weight can have a significant influence on how much depletion your shoes are subjected to during running. The more you weigh, the quicker your shoes will give in, as noted by Cabernet Sports. For this reason, select the pair that can support your weight without suffering quick damage or exposing you to injury. Similarly, your method of running can impact the durability of the shoe over a long period of time. One way to improve the way you run is by working to strengthen your core through available routines and getting training on the correct running posture. While it is better to correct the way you run, it is possible to purchase shoes that are designed for different methods of running.

Considering your stride

As a runner, you should not forget to factor in the mechanics of how you walk. Pronation is the natural roll of the foot that occurs after the heel. Underpronation is indicated by the foot rolling outwards, while a more pronounced inward foot roll characterizes overpronation. The latter could potentially cause knee pains and other injuries. If you have such, go for shoes that provide more stability and control. Runners with supination (foot rolls outwards) need shoes with extra cushioning for better flexibility. You can tell your type of stride by looking at the wear pattern of the shoe you wear frequently, or by seeking the help of a specialist.

When looking for the right running shoes, understand that it is not always about the size, style, and brand. Your specific features and type of feet also matter. Pick a store that allows you to jog outside so that you test the quality of the shoe in action. It is also essential to shop towards the end of the day: legs swell due to walking, hence the need to buy shoes that fit when the feet are at their largest.


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