35 pound AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebells

You can’t beat an AmazonBasics cast iron kettlebell

I’m the proud owner of a 35-pound cast iron kettlebell from Amazon’s AmazonBasic line of products. It only cost me $36.51 delivered through Amazon Prime. Door-to-door, when similar kettlebells of similar quality but with powder-coating and premium brands, cost $109, delivered, for something that’s 80% there.

AmazonBasics 35-Pound Cast Iron Kettlebell

This is another example of AmazonBasics disrupting a market to the point of saying “uncle.” Luckily for my favorites, CFF Fit, Kettlebell Kings, and Kettlebells USA, people still go for brand names and powder coatings.

I’ve had competition kettlebells from CFF Fit and Kettlebell Kings and cast iron kettlebells from Kettlebells USA and love them all. I’ve never had a bad kettlebell but I’m totally devoted to Kettlebells USA. I’ve got two-24kg, a 32kg, and a 40kg cast iron kettlebell from Kettlebells USA. I’m sorted.

That is, until I started giving away kettlebells to friends. I gave away a Kettlebells Kings 16kg and a 20kg from CFF Fit.

So, I had room between the 12kg CFF I’ve been swinging every hour and the 24kg that Pavel Tsatsouline told me real men use. While I can swing the 24kg bell now, I don’t think I’m ready to swing between 50-60 two-handed swings using a 53-pound bell.

So, I looked for as good as possible as well as the cheap as possible and I think all roads might lead to the new AmazonBasics cast iron kettlebells I just discovered. This is a game-changer, this is going to disrupt the kettlebell market and industry.

At the end of the day, a kettlebell is just a cannonball with a handle. And the AmazonBasics kettlebell is just that.

The AmazonBasics cast iron kettlebell does break protocol three times, however.

  • The AmazonBasics cast iron kettlebell uses pounds instead of kilograms
  • The AmazonBasics cast iron kettlebell uses an enamel coating instead of a powder coating (they do also have an enamel bell, they describe this kettlebell as having a “painted surface for increased durability and corrosion protection”)
  • The AmazonBasics cast iron kettlebell has a very wide handle, a quarter to a third wider than more traditional Russian bells

For a kettlebell that’s more than good enough, I can deal with my in-between kettlebells being labeled in pounds (maybe I can give these guys away, they’re 1/3 to 1/2 the price, delivered).

I can also deal with an enameled/lacquered coating because I’m very used to competition style kettlebells and they have slippery/smooth stainless steel horns/handles.

And, with regards to the super-wide handle on this, my first, AmazonBasics cast iron kettlebell, having so much room in the handle, for two hands, two-handed Russian swings, it’s so great to have all that real estate.

This is another example of AmazonBasics disrupting a market to the point of saying "uncle."
  • Quality
  • Price


I don’t plan to use this bell for anything besides my daily plan to do 90-seconds of kettlebell swings every 60-minutes, which ends up being around 57 swings. So, since this is a Russian two-handed swing only kettlebell that I’m buying to bridge 12kg and 24kg, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

The AmazonBasics cast iron kettlebell is more than 80% as good as any of the premium bells, so that’s more than enough. Paying between $35-$55 for between a 35-50 pound kettlebell, delivered, is the best deal out there.

I’m very impressed. I plan to also buy a 40-pound bell as well, to cover the 20kg CFF Fit kettlebell that I gave away.

Some time soon, I’ll have become strong enough to make my two-24kg Kettlebell USA bells my every day and my 32kg and 40kg my deadlift and extra heavy complexes kettlebells.

I hereby give my thumbs-up to these kettlebells. They’re more than good enough and probably more than you’ll ever need.

While I am snobby enough to want to get the right brand of kettlebell, these AmazonBasics kettlebells are so cheap, delivered, and so good that there’s now zero barrier to entry when it comes to filling your own home with at least one good quality kettlebell.

And you’ll never hesitate, from now on, from buying more than just one kettlebell. And I won’t hesitate to give away as many kettlebells to my friends because a starter bell, 25-pounds, just cost a little north of $30. Amazing.


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