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My latest plan for getting fit fast

At the end of the day, I want to scull on the Potomac every day in a single shell. Since I’ve been a member of the Potomac Boat Club, I’ve never been light enough to get into a boat. No more. By my 50th birthday, March 8, 2020, I’ll be fit enough to be a recreational on-water rower. Starting Tuesday. Thanks to Zandria Marcuson for being my fitness Muse and helping me to hatch this plan.

In summary, I plan to spend my workdays at my sports club since they have Wi-Fi, someplace nice to work, air conditioning, lots of changes to work out, and it’s far from access to junk food. It’s also around lots of fit people, I pay dues, and I’ll pedal bicycle the 4.6 miles there and the 4.6 miles home. Perfect!

The most direct route

In longer form, I maintain a Senior Membership at Washington, DC’s, historic Potomac Boat Club—but never go. 

Starting on Tuesday, I’m going to ride the 4.6 miles (7.4 kilometers) each way on my 3-speed Surly Steamroller to the boathouse at least three times a week to work from their well-appointed boardroom. 

My regular route

PBC has Wi-Fi and they are as much a sports club as they are a boat club. 

Between calls, emails, and work, I can pop over to the ergs for some rowing, to the weight room for some weights, to the stationary bikes for some riding. 

A secret added benefit of working from the PBC is that it’s almost impossible to snack or binge or overeat between meals because the bathhouse is inconveniently far enough away from food that maybe if I prepare and schlep my OMAD in a mason jar every day, maybe I’ll be able to properly tame age correct my bottomless hunger. 

I’ll make a week’s worth of beef, spinach, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli, split it apart into wide-mouth glass mason jars (I have a dozen of them), and bring a bunch on Monday to leave in the club’s fridge or bring one mason jar with me every morning. 

And then I can also schlep dry clothes and backup shirts, etc, with me just in case I have meetings or lunch appointments or have evening plans in D.C.

A recommended river route from a Facebook Group

3 thoughts on “My latest plan for getting fit fast

    1. Chris Abraham

      I have not gotten over there yet. I will see how the weather is. Man, did it rain this AM. But if I don’t make it to the Boathouse today, I’ll surely do it tomorrow. Maybe I will use today to get my shit together and then fly the coop tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go do a spin today!

    2. Chris Abraham

      I also made a big pit of kale, spinach, mixed greens and a box of mushrooms and a $25 cut of london broil and some bacon and cooked it up over 8 hours on low in my slow cooker! I hope that’s good for me! I am told: plant and animal only!


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