Sticking with a one burrito a day diet

Today I had a shredded pork burrito with everything, including rice, black beans, pinto beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, chopped cucumber, and both a spicy cilantro and a mild peach salsa.

Yesterday I had the same general thing but with steak and the day before that, it was chicken and cilantro and chipotle flavored spicy and spicier salsa.


With each meal, I had a tall can of FOCO Coconut Juice. I like burritos but I could have had burrito bowls; instead, I chose the habanero tortilla then the garlic one and then the spinach one.

Then I get to sit outside at the Penrose Square apartments little public square, on their well taken care of round green café tables and chairs (they even have a young man as a caretaker), similar to the set up you see in Luxembourg Gardens in Paris with the blonde gravel and sunshine and shade and there’s even a water park for the kiddies to play in, where the water fountains up unpredictably from the granite ground.

Monday’s Diary


So, this whole OBAD OMAD diet is both nutritional and emotional. Some vitamin D and some sun and socializing. Funny sidenote is that nobody at Burrito Bros have mentioned my every day burrito at all and nobody anticipates my order.

I feel a little like BB’s stateless, without memory, a bit of a groundhog day experience.

Other than that, while I do love Chipotle, I’d always prefer to spend my money at a local, privately owned, small business restaurant than at a multinational chain restaurant empire.

It’s also closer.

Tuesday’s Diary

The perfect lump?

I feel like all the variation of meats and fats and starches and fibers that make up an everything burrito is a perfect food with enough of all the pieces of a proper healthy meal than just about anything else, right?

And since I eat a multivitamin every morning, I think I should be sorted, eh? Let me know if I’ve any blindspots in my plan so far.

Therefore, I’m running a one meal a day intermittent fasting diet that tends to be somewhere between 23:1 and 23.5:.5—and sometimes even 23.74:.25—even way more extreme than The Warrior Diet, typically a 20:4 IF diet.

Today’s dairy (Wednesday)

How do I feel?

I have a lot more energy after I recover from eating 1,500 carries within just 15-30 minutes.

My knees don’t feel sore anymore so I feel like I’ve really killed—abated?—inflammation like crazy this way.

No aches or pains at all, which is awesome. Just not having joint pain, which isn’t chronic but does pop in sometimes.

Probably diet related? Water related? An IF side effect benefit? I am not low carb but the only wheat I eat it’s a single large tortilla once a day.

And then 23-hours-a-day without eating and without messing around with the corresponding hormone responses.

So, I love that.

Also, no wine, beer, whisky, gin, vodka, or anything besides the coconut juice during 15 minute to hour long eating window and then tap water and stovetop black coffee made in my big aluminium Moka Express with Cafe Bustelo coffee and tap water.

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Will I drop crazy weight?

I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks whether there’s any real good results with regards to why I’m doing this, at the end of the day: getting healthier while losing a boat ton of weight. I’ll start weighing myself in earnest starting tomorrow. Please, please, please, wish me luck and give me some attaboys in the comments section.

Until next time!

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