I blame my chopsticks

I have a bowl full of Chinese restaurant style disposable balsa wood chopsticks and had a sudden urge to eat food with them last night. 

Today, this morning, I went to the store, bought a box of angel hair pasta, a plastic box of honey ham sandwich slices, and a bottle of Alfredo sauce. I made the four-minute al dente in the right saltiness of water and then chopped all the ham finely and then put one of my old fire orange Le Creuset onto a hot burner, added all the ham, emptied the bottle of sauce right in there, added pepper, cayenne, paprika, chili, and Sriracha in there, drained the fine spaghetti, added it all together, heated it up just right, forked around 1,400 calories into a shiny mixing bowl, stripped a pair of chopsticks from its paper sheath, snapped them apart, and went to town on the extremely way to spiced up creamy and umami carb bomb delight.

I don’t know if a one pasta alfredo a day (OPAAD) is a thing but that’s what I did for lunch today. And then, an hour later, I added 16oz of store bought kombucha and a hot, black, quad espresso from Starbucks.


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