Weight’s not melting⁠—but it’s coming⁠—off on the OBAD OMAD

I took my weight this AM after my morning “rituals” but before drinking any water or coffee. Here’s what my Wi-Fi Withings scale shared with my 44.3k Twitter followers.

I IFTTT my Withings scale to Twitter via MyFitnessPal for the public shaming effect!

So, while the weight isn’t melting off of me, there’s some progress. And I really have been only doing it for under a full seven days. Here’s some more info:

Via MyFitnessPal

My biggest problem is that I am avoiding the scale. That’s subterfuge and I will try to not allow myself to obfuscate my progress by only reporting when I am doing well. Here’s the trend…

Via MyFitnessPal

That upward trend to and above 350 pounds (158.75733kg and 25 stone) freaked me out! It used to be I would freak out at 301lbs and now here I am 50-lbs more. So, here I am. Please follow my journey and ask any and all of your questions in the comments.


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