Overnight cold water-steeped PG Tips black tea in a Ball mason jar is now my favorite IF-approved drink

I was getting a little tired of black coffee and water so I decided to take all of my pint-sized Ball wide mouth mason jars with their after-market white plastic tops, plop a single PG Tips pyramid bag into the bottom of each jar, fill the jar with cool water from the tap, and put them all into the fridge.

And, no, I don’t fish out the teabag at any point between filling and drinking.

The next day, the very best iced tea of my life! My new favorite thing—as long as you’re not one of those sweet tea weirdos my South is strangely so fond of.

Sweet tea? Gross.

And, I’m glad I don’t fancy either my coffee or my tea with either dairy or sweetener because, lucky for me, and according to Livestrong, in addition to the Big King Water, these are the only Intermittent Fasting-approved beverages:

  • Black coffee
  • Herbal tea
  • Black tea
  • Green tea

So, since it doesn’t say “hot” anywhere up there, I think cold—or iced—black tea is right there.

According to Oh, How Civilized, “cold-brewing tea is a slow and gentle steeping process that creates a sweeter and smoother tasting tea. Tannins, which can make tea bitter or astringent, aren’t steeped out of the tea in cold water the way it does in hot water.”

And it’s true. Even after leaving the PG Tips single-serve teabag in there for one or more days, the resulting iced tea without the ice isn’t bitter at all. It’s just delicious. Cool, refreshing, and a very nice, guilt-free, caffeine bomb. 

I highly recommend trying this out. I like the single-serve process. I had been preserving the 240 PG Tips pyramid tea bags in my freezer in a gallon freezer bag since I don’t drink a lot of hot tea at all; however, this new plan is going to make burning through those 240 bags a cinch. 

So, since this process doesn’t seem to over-steep the tea or become bitter over time (at least in the amount of time it’ll take me to go through them), I commit a single tea bag to each jar before filling, covering, and sequestering in the refrigerator overnight, at lease, or until I want myself a super-refreshing Summertime treat that will allow me to maintain my autophagy while keeping both extremely well-hydrated, caffeinated, and appetite-suppressed (it’s nice to have a full belly, even if that full belly is full of black tea, iced).


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