Walking: Thu, 1 Aug 2019 19:47:29: A Walk to Whole Paycheck for a Prepared Food Dinner

I ventured from my apartment at 7:50 pm and it was cool and overcast and still daytime. So I walked and walked. I basically walked until I hit my 12,000 steps, which was about another 2.71 miles in addition to the casual walking I did for the day; then, I hopped a city bus, 16H, and rode all the way home.

  • Activity: Running
  • Distance: 2.71 mi
  • Duration: 01:02:02
  • Average Speed: 2.62 mph
  • Average Pace: 22:53 min/mi
  • Calories Burned: 374
  • Heart Rate: 108
  • Start Time: Thu, 1 Aug 2019 19:47:29

My auntie Linda suggested that I not overdo it and she’s a smart cookie. Besides, I still love riding the Arlington Transit (ART) bus: cheap, clean, and plenty of seating off-hours (which is when I use it). Plus, a human person conducting the autobus.

My route

Anyway, I pretty much walked to grab a late dinner of prepared foods at Whole Foods (they were already breaking the buffet down) of meats and pretty much brussels sprouts (I would have preferred a better diversity) and then I started to walk all the way back but it was after 9PM and I like to get to sleep relatively early so I walked to the bus stop that’s at the corner of Army Navy Drive and South Joyce Street and about 5 minutes later, the Cylon light of a city bus turned the corner of South Hayes and picked me up.

Walking based on my Fitbit

Luckily, I did remember to stop and reset my Garmin Forerunner 910XT before I jumped the bus so I didn’t accidently break all kinds of speed records unintentionally like I did, accidentally, a couple months ago when I left the watch running on the handlebar of my Surly Steamroller that I mounted on the front of the bus in their wonderfully-engineered two-bike bike rack.

Made it past 10k steps!

All was well. No rain, no storm, no humidity, and no heat exhaustion of sunstroke. That’s a good day!

Right before I hit 12,000 steps and jumped the 16H bus.

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