August 7, 2019, Schlep Ruck route

Daily death march might need to be an every-other-daily death march

tl;dr: I could have walked all day yesterday, even in the heat and humidity; today, however, I am pretty spent. I guess I need to listen to my body. I will still get my 12,000 steps outdoors today, but the 46 min (2.2 mi) walk I planned to make to get my first coffee at the Java Shack in Courthouse Arlington, didn’t quite happen this morning, right off the bat. I’m a little shagged the day after. It’s OK, I’ll go low and slow.  Here’s was my route from yesterday

August 7, 2019, Schlep Ruck route
August 7, 2019, Schlep Ruck route

This all happened over the course of the entire day as I stopped at Idido Coffee (9:52AM) and then walked to Shirlington Library (4:12pm) and then ate at Big Buns Damn Good Burgers (6:45) and had a damned good burger (the Horseradish Bourbon Burger, medium), then walked all the way from BBDGB to my apartment–48 min (2.3 mi)– and arrived at 8:13 with a bounce in my step.

As you know already from the article I posted yesterday, I’ve replaced treadmill walking with daily humping schlepping rucking with all my weight and all my gear, you know that I’ve been doing a lot of schlepping and rucking with both my de facto hundred pounds of extra body weight (more like 140lbs) plus my trusty PAC Designs Ultimate OS courier bag filled with everything I need for a day out at work, from my ThinkPad with a battery doc to chargers to an external battery for my devices and phone, the extremely tough camo laptop case (1.15lbs!).

I’m tired today. I canceled my walk to Java Shack and then Earl’s Sandwiches for an amazing sandwich and then to Northside Social for more work, finally heading home and maybe getting some BBQ at Texas Jacks Barbecue for dinner before heading home. Nope. Just staying local.

That said, I already have 4,900 steps under my belt (on my wrist?) before noon, which is good for me. 


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