I can’t believe I need recovery time between super-long walk days

I understand that one needs recovery time between long runs or between heavy workouts, but who thought that I would need recovery days between long walks.

Yes, I carry an extra 140 pounds (63 kilos or 10 Stone) and I do carry my entire office on my back, which an additional 20-40 lbs, but I shouldn’t be knackered by just long walks in the sun over the course of a day, even with all the extra tonnage.

But, I have had aches and pains in my feet and my body and I have felt actual tightness in my quads, calves, and glutes—the kind that makes you want to get on the roller or use a massage stick sort of tightness.

So, I will do that. But I will also do what smart distance runners and athletes do as well, which is I’ll be doing active recovery instead of just working from the couch on my duff.

I am still walking everywhere and I am still schlepping the equivalent of a rucksack of gear on my back in addition to the small man I carry around my hips every day when I am on my two feet. I’ll just make sure I get a lot of protein, a lot of liquids, and a lot of sleep.

I was able to cobble together 10,107 steps yesterday, compared to the 13,226 steps I did the day before, so I am not just sitting this out.

But, I wanted to remind all y’all not to beat yourself up if your body gets a little beat up “only from walking.” Walking with an extra 50, 100, 150, 200 pounds on your frame isn’t normal and you’re being fierce by just being willing and able to be on your feet and up and at ’em like you are. Plus, whatever you’re also carrying on your back or on your shoulder. Kudos. Being active while obese isn’t for the faint of heart.


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