One Salad Bar a Day (OSBAD)

I had been doing a one burrito a day diet that I’ve really enjoyed. I’d skip breakfast and then grab a burrito proper (not a bowl), eat half at 11 or noon, and then finish it off at two or three. It allows me to stay within my 4-hours IF 20:4 eating window.

I did that today. However, tonight, I really craved a salad. I had been eschewing the salad bar here at Penrose Square Giant grocery because it sucks compared to Whole Foods; however, I gave it a go and it was glorious enough.

So, from now on, I’ll do a one large take away salad bar container full of spinach, mixed salad, romaine, and all the other fixings that tickle my fancy. I really loaded it up tonight and it cost $8 bucks, which is on par with burritos and the like.

And, while the way I load up a salad isn’t either vegan, vegetarian, or even either paleo or keto, it’s still full of tomatoes and leafy vegetables and sunflower seeds and baked and grilled chicken and hardboiled eggs, and either some creamy dressing or, being my best self, vinegar and oil.I know it’s not true but the worst salad has got to be better than the best sandwich and chips or burger and fries. Wish me luck! Salad bar!


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