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Two 24kg Metrixx® Classic E-Coat Military Grade Cast Iron Kettlebells by Kettlebells USA

I’ve started a very little weight lifting habit I will build upon

I can’t tell if it’s doing any good, having all of these weights and equipment around me. I just hope and assume that if I throw around both heavy, light, and body weights and make my heart work a little bit, every other day, then I’ll eventually become pretty strong and pretty fit. I feel like this is going to be a tortoise race.

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Atlas Shape from Atlas Wearables

Atlas Shape Fitness Tracker Review

The Atlas Shape, by Austin-based Atlas Wearables, is a legit fitness tracker, including steps, sleep, personal-training, training programs–but for me, it’s only a half-solution to me.

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Atlas Wristband2 review: fitness tracker for kettlebell swings

I bought my Atlas Wristband2 exclusively to keep track of my daily kettlebell swings. And it does an amazing job of tracking my swings as well as other kettlebell, TRX, and floor workouts. This is my review.

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