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It’s the Intensity, Stupid

Any exercise, either with or without equipment or machine, can give you the workout of your life. It all comes down to intensity. From jumping jacks to the elliptical; from burpees to the humble stationary bike, it’s all about work in, work out! If it’s too easy, you’re not working hard enough.

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Spinning every weekday

I think I’ll ride every weekday at my local CYCLEBAR on Columbia Pike in South Arlington, Virginia.

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Atlas Wristband2 review: fitness tracker for kettlebell swings

I bought my Atlas Wristband2 exclusively to keep track of my daily kettlebell swings. And it does an amazing job of tracking my swings as well as other kettlebell, TRX, and floor workouts. This is my review.

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Sometimes it takes 18-months to motivate enough to commit and get started—and that’s okay!

I have had this timer set up to prompt me to do 90-seconds of kettlebell swings every single hour of the day. I’ve been ignoring it for over 18-months but started doing it again today.

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