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Doggy Bag Leftovers

Intermittent Fasting (IF) has suppressed my appetite

Want to know why people on aggressive intermittent fasts (IF) or fasts tend to melt weight away? It’s because, after a while, if you stick with it, your impetus and passion for putting away an entire mega burrito with everything during your one-to-four hour food window tend to wane. It’s a trick!

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Maybe it’s the wheat, maybe it’s the gluten, maybe it’s the carbs, possibly the portion, maybe the sodium, could be the fat

Last night sucked. Yesterday, I made a heaping portion of Angel Hair Pasta with store-bought Ragu Alfredo sauce and a bunch of chopped store-bought sliced honey ham and made it into a giant happy vat of lunch—all because I really wanted to eat noodles with a mug full of disposable wooden chopsticks that remind me of growing up in Hawaii.

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