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Tom Brady's New Vegan Protein Chocolate TB12 Plant-Based Protein

TB12 Plant-Based Protein chocolate powder supplement review

The plant-based protein powder that I am using after I come home from spin class every night is from TB12. I like it. Upon first opening the pretty white bag, I noticed two things: a scoop is included (as expected) and the chocolate protein powder was extremely fine, as fine as magnesium carbonate gym chalk. So, when you scoop, don’t expect a pretty little mound of powder but expect a consistency more like cake flour than all-purpose. What that does mean is that it mixes beautifully with just some shaking in my blue 20-ounce Blender Bottle shaker cup with just it’s little wire BlenderBall whisk. I was happy not to need a Ninja or Bullet blender to get it right unless you plan to properly blend a smoothie.I really like it. As I said, it’s less of a sugary treat and if you mix it with water and take it at room temperature and really focus on the taste, you’ll get undertones of peas, I won’t lie, but I like it a lot more than the ON chocolate whey protein that I had been taking.

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