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Selfie with a BlueParrott B450‑XT Bluetooth trucker headset

Update to my VXi BlueParrott B450‑XT Bluetooth headset review

I received my BlueParrott B450‑XT Bluetooth trucker headset from VXi Corp last week and have put some time on it. Long story short, the sound can go louder than you should listen and the tone is very warm and not tinny or trebly like many headsets. The connection is quick and sure. The headset worked immediately with […]

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We live in the future (I live in Mongolia)

I keep my Gerris​ office in a building in Columbia Heights, Arlington, Virginia. There’s a huge first-generation Mongolian contingent here. I assume most of the building. Skype, FaceTime, and Hangouts have erased the 6,509 miles between Dominion Towers​ and downtown Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia​. It’s amazing. We live in the future.  I’m constantly impressed and amazed. I […]

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