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Walking: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 11:23:27

Uploaded from my TIMEX IRONMAN ONE GPS+ watch Activity: Walking Distance: 5.82 mi Duration: 01:59:37 Average Speed: 2.92 mph Average Pace: 20:33 min/mi Calories Burned: 411.17664 Activity Link: Start Time: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 11:23:27

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Chris Abraham after a lovely saturday morning walk

Starting the day with a spirited walk

I would love to suggest that this morning’s walk was mine but it wasn’t — though I benefited.   It was warm enough to wear shorts and a zippered hoodie, and I could have gone with just a t-shirt, too, but I wanted to carry my wallet, keys, and phone.  Activity: Walking Distance: 2.76 mi […]

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Stretching the Quad

Don’t swing your kettlebells without stretching your body

If you’re going to engage in 90-seconds of vigorous kettlebell swings every hour, all day long, every day, even with only a single 12kg kettlebell, then a stretching regimen is essential. I didn’t and I am zombie, limping, Frankenstein’s monster. From now on, stretching and rigorous use of my foam roller and massage stick. Lesson […]

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