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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. bernard sandberg

    i live in europe and i have a concept2 “c”, but the perf monitor (“PM”) went to its grave. where can i get a new one (or second hand)? in addition is it possible to upgrade the PM to a later model? and do you then need to change the arm to which the PM is attached?
    thank you for your reply and aid
    kind regards,
    bernard sandberg

    1. Chris Abraham

      I wrote an article called Upgrade your Concept2 indoor rower to a PM5 today on this blog but if your PM3 is broken I have a perfectly good PM3 computer you can have for the price of shipping. Otherwise, if you retrofit your Concept2 through Concept2 they will provide the arm for you. All the correct wiring and a new arm and all that, don’t worry. And it’s easy to upgrade — not too much of a pain in the ass, I promise. I do have an extra PM3 if you want.


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