Atlas Shape from Atlas Wearables

Atlas Shape Fitness Tracker Review

The Atlas Shape, by Austin-based Atlas Wearables, is a legit fitness tracker, including steps, sleep, personal-training, training programs–but for me, it’s only a half-solution to me.


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atlas wristband2 atlas wearables

Atlas Wristband2 review: fitness tracker for kettlebell swings

I bought my Atlas Wristband2 exclusively to keep track of my daily kettlebell swings. And it does an amazing job of tracking my swings as well as other kettlebell, TRX, and floor workouts. This is my review.

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Concept2 Summer Solstice Challenge

Concept2 Summer Solstice Challenge

Concept2 Summer Solstice ChallengeIn honor of the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice Challenge:

The Details

  • Row, ski or ride 21,000 meters on June 21.
  • Note: BikeErg meters are counted as half when applied to the challenge.
  • Meters can be done all at once in one workout (Set Up a Single Distance Workout) or over several workouts throughout the day.
  • If you add 97 meters to row/ski 21,097 meters, or a half-marathon, it needs to be rowed/skied all at once in order to qualify to be a ranked piece.
  • This is an individual challenge. (You do not need to belong to a team to participate.)
  • Meters must be entered online.
  • Indoor rower, SkiErg, BikeErg, on water and on snow meters count. You can combine meters to reach 21,000 meters.

Who Can Participate

Anyone with an online logbook at can participate in this challenge.

Incentives and Rewards

Participants who meet the challenge can enjoy:

  • Name inclusion on the Summer Solstice Challenge Honor Boards.
  • A specially designed downloadable certificate.
  • Option to purchase a Summer Solstice Challenge items from our third-party fulfillment vendor (availability varies by country).

Easy baked bone-in chicken thighs recipe

I am always looking for quick, easy, delicious ways to eat chicken. I used to be a breast white meat kind of guy (that’s just how I grew up) but I have fallen for dark meat. Chicken wings, thighs, and legs make me happy and are cheap and easy to prepare–and it’s hard to mess them up because it’s hard to make them go dry from over-cooking like happens too easily with white meat. I also cook chicken with the skin on as well since skin’s delicious and it also protects the meat and helps with the flavor (fat is better than olive oil and butter when it comes to flavoring). I hope you enjoy this adapted recipe.

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