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I used to freedive by myself as a teen growing up in Hawaii

I used to freedive by myself as a teen growing up in Hawaii. I carried a Nikonos III and a knife. I tied my leg to a 100′ white nylon line that tied to a float and a dive flag. I launched from Kaimana Beach. Whenever I got hungry, after a couple hours or so, I […]

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Giving 9Round Columbia Pike my money

A brand new 9Round gym opened up in the Penrose Square neighborhood of South Arlington, and I popped on January 7 after eating tacos and drinking margaritas at my favorite local, Taqueria el Poblano, just to see who took over the vacated commercial space.  It was a gym called 9Round. 9Round 1st Impression There was […]

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Took me two weeks to get my erg on

Date Distance Time Pace 12/9/2015 4,843m 26:23.6 02:43.4 12/9/2015 6,877m 39:09.5 02:50.8 12/9/2015 2,387m 13:22.6 02:48.1 12/8/2015 8,888m 51:38.1 02:54.2 12/5/2015 3,958m 21:27.6 02:42.6 12/5/2015 6,368m 36:49.0 02:53.4 12/2/2015 8,987m 49:37.9 02:45.6 12/1/2015 7,593m 43:22.0 02:51.3 11/29/2015 10,042m 58:53.3 02:55.9 Well, it’s only taken two weeks for me to get my row on and get […]

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