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2016 Four Courts Four Miler produced by Pacers Running. Photo by Brian W. Knight/Swim Bike Run Photo.

In praise of being dead last in a race

As I told you last week, last Saturday I ran the Four Courts Four Miler.  I finished!

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Catching up with the Concept2 Holiday Challenge

Date Distance Time Pace 12/11/2015 5,000m 29:21.9 02:56.1 12/11/2015 5,660m 31:15.2 02:45.6 Today was a good day because I pulled harder than I usually do. Because I am getting stronger. 10,660 total meters over two workouts, one after the other, actually. So, I am up to 81,643 meters of the 200,000 meters I aspire to hit […]

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