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Running Gear

Discounted Running Gear

I was reading reddit this morning and Jaime_Manger posted a most useful list to the /r/running subreddit,  Compilation of Discounted Running Gear. It is such a useful list that I thought I would copy it over here, with full appreciation and respect to the OP. She also included a link to where she maintains the list on Google Docs. […]

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We live in the future (I live in Mongolia)

I keep my Gerris​ office in a building in Columbia Heights, Arlington, Virginia. There’s a huge first-generation Mongolian contingent here. I assume most of the building. Skype, FaceTime, and Hangouts have erased the 6,509 miles between Dominion Towers​ and downtown Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia​. It’s amazing. We live in the future.  I’m constantly impressed and amazed. I […]

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