Sticking with a one burrito a day diet

How do I feel? I have a lot more energy after I recover from eating 1,500 carries within just 15-30 minutes. My knees don’t feel sore anymore so I feel like I’ve really killed—abated?—inflammation like crazy this way. No aches or pains at all, which is awesome. Just not having joint pain, which isn’t chronic but does pop in sometimes.

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My One Burrito a Day (OBAD) One Meal a Day (OMAD) Diet

My macros on one daily chicken everything burrito is almost perfect.

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omad is one meal a day diet

Trying one meal a day—OMAD

When you’re following the one-meal-a-day diet you don’t eat anything for 23-hours-a-a-day; but, when you do eat, for that one hour-a-day, you eat like a healthy king: 1,500-1,700 calories consumed in a short hour somewhere between 4pm-8pm.

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